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Bangalla Baking Sugar Blue, Green & Grey Mix (1x10lb)

Bangalla Baking Sugar Blue, Green & Grey Mix (1x10lb)
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  • Model: BSS-BGG-10lb
  • Weight: 10.20lb
  • SKU: BSS-BGG-10lb
  • Location: 50161900A0000
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Buy in bulk and save. Bangalla offers an all-natural range of high quality Sugar's for the professional baker through to the home chef. We pride ourselves in our quality, our flavors, and in bringing forward the natural colors found in nature. Importantly, Bangalla Sanding Sugar have no synthetic dyes or preservatives. Bangalla Sanding Sugar are great for that light touch and delicate works of sugar art, popular all year round to sprinkle on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, or sprinkle over your pies before baking. Bangalla Sanding Sugar withstand heat and resist melting. Check out the full range of Bangalla Sanding Sugar from our plain colors through to our Sportz Blends and Seasonal favorites, Bangalla has the sanding sugar right for you and your family. , , , , , , Pack Size is 10lb

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